Welcoming Springtime in Our Hearts…


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Embracing renewal in this season, and finding peace through the power of praise.

All over the world, people are ready for a fresh start. The COVID-19 pandemic and the difficult personal and social undercurrents it’s evoked have been taxing. Nevertheless, because the God of Creation is constantly making things new, RESTORATION is on the horizon. Though it begins deep within the heart, the kind of renewal the Lord brings about inevitability works its way outward.

When springtime comes to redeemed spirits, the vibrant fruit of faith — deeply rooted in Christ’s perfect love — breaks through the hardened soil of pain and boldly proclaims the goodness of the One who planted it.

By embracing the promise of this season, each of us can reap a harvest of God’s faithfulness and steward His RENEWAL in our souls. As we welcome the Holy Spirit’s presence to our midst, He imparts POWER that equips us to do His Kingdom work by passing along His blessings to other people.

This is how the world changes, and it’s why Hour of Power remains steadfastly devoted to planting seeds of divine goodness in hearts around the globe.

April Special Offers:

For your generous donation of $30 or more, we’ll send you our inspirational and fashionable Easter pearl bracelet, which features:

1. Elegant white faux pearls strung on a stretchy bracelet that’s easy to put on and take off.
2. A gleaming silver cross charm, adorned with hand-set crystals to add a touch of sparkle, and delicately hung from the band of pearls.
3. A depth of meaning that’s sure to inspire thoughts of gratitude for Christ’s immense sacrifice whenever it’s worn by you or someone you love.

For your generous donation of $50 or more, we’ll send you our fashionable Easter pearl bracelet and inspirational CD, which features:

1. Twelve beloved anthems — both old and new — all recorded by the virtual Hour of Power choir within the past year. Songs include “The Blessing,” “How Great Thou Art,” “Is He Worthy,” “I Shall Not Want” and eight others!
2. Nearly an hour of music to usher you into God’s presence.
3. Stirring vocals, which represent countless hours invested by numerous musicians who have faithfully demonstrated what it means to come together while apart.

Details: CD run time is 55 minutes, and all songs were recorded between April 2020 and January 2021. Bracelet measures 7.5” and the charm is non-tarnish.

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