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Let This Sturdy Wooden Cross Be a Powerful Reminder of the Resurrection.

He is risen! And because He lives, His resurrection power is working in your life each and every day! Now is the perfect time to invite Jesus to make every part of you come alive. Easter offers us the opportunity to embrace the truth that through the blood He shed, every cross this life inflicts has been resurrected.

Our Lord took upon Himself the full spectrum of pain, loss, and heartbreak common to being human and declared His finished work before He bowed His head in death. Three days later, with no fanfare, He got up from His grave, left it sitting empty, and went on doing the work of His Kingdom. Because He overcame, he offers us an opportunity to do the same.

As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, we are drawn to the power and symbolism of the CROSS. Jesus gave us a special gift when He sacrificed Himself so that our sins would be forgiven. The cross reflects His heart, His character, and His values.

As a reminder of the power of the cross to impart new life, we have a very special offer for you. For your gift of just $30 or more, we will send you the handcrafted “For God so Loved the World” Cross.

  • This gorgeous and sturdy cross exemplifies the sacrifice of our Savior, while inspiring hope for the future.
  • Adorned with an excerpt from John 3:16, it’s a meaningful and beautiful gift.
  • This substantial piece can be displayed on a wall, or placed angled or upright on a tabletop.
  • It will look stunning in a place of prominence in your home or it can make the perfect housewarming gift.
  • This lovely cross is handmade with the utmost care in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country.

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12″W x 8.5″H x 0.5″D


The cross is handmade of wood and comes with a wooden dowel to stand angled or upright.

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