50 Years: Commemorate, Celebrate, and Commission with Us!


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The Middle Matters…

Though we often celebrate the beginning and the end of life’s race, we forget that it’s what lies between that makes the difference.

This month, we invite you to commemorate the past, celebrate the present, and commission the future of Hour of Power with us. Our brand new coffee table book beckons you to relive every chapter of our history and walk with us through the fifty years that have brought us to this, the middle of our course. We pray you’ll be blessed, inspired, and encouraged as you join us on a journey of possibility that embraces God’s beloved all around the world.

June Special Offers:

For your generous gift of $80 or more, receive a copy of the brand new 50 Years of Hour of Power: Commemorating the Past, Celebrating the Present, Commissioning the Future coffee table book. This beautiful keepsake is a ministry exclusive and boasts:

  1. Inspirational quotes by Dr. Robert H. and Bobby Schuller, laid out in artistic font and prominently featured in each chapter.
  2. A narrative history of the ministry that tells the story of our founder, Dr. Robert H. Schuller, the impact his dream had on the world, and how the vision has been reimagined and reinvigorated by his grandson Bobby.
  3. Historic photos from our archive and beautiful page layouts to envelop you in the beauty of nature.
  4. Scriptures in each chapter to bless and inspire. (Hardcover book is 68 pages, ten chapters, and measures 10”x10.”)

For your generous gift of $150 or more, receive two copies of the “50 Years of Hour of Power: Commemorating the Past, Celebrating the Present, Commissioning the Future” coffee table book:

  1. Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend or family member so they, too, can be inspired by this story of God’s faithfulness.
  2. Reserve this limited-edition, Hour of Power-exclusive publication while supplies last.
  3. Be inspired and encouraged by the powerful words of Dr. Robert H. and Bobby Schuller, Scriptures, the story of Hour of Power, and majestic images of nature as well as historic photos from our archives.

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