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Pastor, writer, and host of the popular television broadcast Hour of Power, Bobby Schuller shows readers the importance of paying attention to our thoughts because they shape our actions.

There is no doubt that our thoughts impact our lives. What we think about will ultimately result in the decisions that will guide our lives. Yet very often, we don’t consider what we’re actually thinking about. We don’t realize that our thought lives can be scattered or disciplined, anxious or at peace, filled with faith and hope or wallowing in despair. Instead, we allow our minds to wander like corks on the sea. What if we are supposed to be training our minds, thinking with discipline, so we can be the people God has called us to be?

In his new book, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World, Schuller explains why we need to “put on the mind of Christ” and focus our thoughts on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy, as Philippians says. He shows us how to train our minds through spiritual disciplines and prayer. For anyone who feels stressed out, exhausted, or in a rut, this book can lead them to transformation and experiencing God’s best for their lives. Truly, this book will change thoughts and change lives. Own your copy with a gift of $40 or more.

With your generous gift of $60 or more, receive Pastor Bobby’s new book, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World, plus the companion CD, Prayers & Promises for a Renewed Mind. Be encouraged and activate transformative thinking as you read Bobby’s new book! And go deeper with this exclusive companion audio disc narrated by Bobby and Hannah, which includes a prayer and scripture to go with each chapter.

With your gift of $150 or more, receive 3 copies of Bobby’s new book, hand-signed by Bobby, plus the companion CD, Prayers & Promises for a Renewed Mind. Receive not 1, but 3 copies of this life-changing book: 1 copy for you to read and enjoy, and 2 additional copies to invest in the lives of your loved ones, all hand-signed by Bobby!

With your gift of $1,000 or more, receive the Global Impact Bible (ESV, Charcoal, LeatherLuxe), 3 hand-signed copies of Bobby’s book, plus the companion CD. Positive change in your thought life requires filling yourself up with the Word of God. This special edition, ESV Bible includes over 1,000 articles on the significant influence the Word has had in fields like medicine, government, and the arts. Learn about the global impact of the Bible as it changes your world!

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