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Suncatcher Suggested Donation: $40 or more
Hummingbird Bundle: $60 or more

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God loves to do impossible things with imperfect people. With Him, we can do the impossible. Like the hummingbird who often finds sweet nectar in the most unexpected places, possibility thinkers perceptively probe every problem, proposal, and opportunity to discover the silver linings in each cloud.

Hummingbirds fly long distances for a sugary treat, and will find it even if the flower is hidden under a rock in a barren desert. This teaches us a valuable lesson about God’s Kingdom, in which we can harness the power of possibility thinking with one important ingredient: Faith. With faith, we can let go of worry and fear because we know that the Lord is fighting for us.

We’re so thankful that YOU have helped make it possible to share this message with millions. And to show our appreciation, our team has created two very special offers for you this month:


  • Hummingbird Suncatcher – For your gift of just $40 or more, this beautiful glass Hummingbird Suncatcher captures the light with its hand-painted look and stained-glass effect. The metal features are painted with a rich antique copper finish. Faceted colored beads on the chain add a glistening sparkle, and its high quality materials promote longevity amongst the elements so you can enjoy it for years to come.

  • Art Glass Hummingbird Feeder and Suncatcher – For your gift of only $60 or more, you can enjoy both the Hummingbird Suncatcher and Art Glass Feeder. This beautifully styled hand-blown glass feeder will attract hummingbirds to your backyard with its vibrant colors and sparkle. Adorn your outdoor living space while giving back to nature with this captivatingly clear hummingbird feeder, featuring multi-color floral graphics.

Additional information

Suncatcher Details

Hummingbird Suncatcher measures 7.5” x 11” and is made of metal, glass, and acrylic. Chain and suction cup included for easy hanging. Weather and fade resistant. Suitable for indoor or outdoor.

Feeder Details

Art Glass Hummingbird Feeder measures three inches in diameter and holds ½ cup of nectar. It is made with glass, plastic and iron and comes with a black S-hook for easy hanging. It also features a flower stopper for refilling. Protect from freezing temperatures. Hand wash. Orders will include one of two feeders pictured.

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