As a Man Thinketh Sermon Series 4-DVD Set

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Bobby’s brand-new 10-message series on DVD, As a Man Thinketh, contains 10 life-changing messages that will guide you towards transforming your circumstances — and your whole life — simply by changing your thoughts. This DVD set of encouraging teachings on putting on the mind of Christ and what that means for you, includes:

  1. As a Man Thinketh, so is He (or She)
  2. Thought as Spiritual and Physical Health
  3. Thought and Purpose to Achievement
  4. Invest in You
  5. Integrity: The Moral Mind
  6. Dignity: Know Your Value in the Father's World
  7. Choices and Responsibility
  8. Believing in Destiny and Favor
  9. The Obstacle Is the Doorway
  10. Willpower: Going the Distance

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