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Are YOU being called to ASCEND to great heights?

We cannot do the blessed work we do in this ministry without the generosity of our Eagle Partners! Now more than ever, we need the steady and loving hand of our Almighty God to guide us. We are all coming to grips with the reality that these unprecedented and challenging times remain for now. However, this is all the more reason that the Hour of Power will continue to rise up like the soaring eagle for all who seek the positive teachings of the Gospel.

Won’t you join this special group of friends who make it possible to help weary minds discover that they have a bright tomorrow in Jesus? Prayerfully consider the following:

Our founder, Dr. Robert H. Schuller, was a big dreamer with a passion and ever-evolving vision for reaching the lost and hurting. With the ministry’s growth in the 1980’s, he recognized the need for a financial foundation upon which our legacy could be built and new territories chartered and explored. By establishing an Eagle Partnership, he invited everyone impacted by our outreach to become a tangible part of it by committing to a monthly gift. Because the eagle is focused and flies higher than all the other birds, he chose its majesty to engage people in God’s vision and give them wings to soar with him as the dream expanded.

The legacy of Eagle Partnership continues today, and just as it did at its inception, it gives life to our future by enabling us to accomplish the big things Jesus calls us to. As you partner with us, YOU become a participant in our rich heritage and take flight with us as the future unfolds!


Build a strong foundation for generations to call home!

With a monthly donation of $50 or a one-time gift of $600, we will send you our brand new 2023 porcelain eagle statue. This year’s eagle majestically spreads its wings, ready for take off. As we begin this new year, be reminded that no matter where life takes us, we always have a home to come back to in Jesus. Created exclusively for Hour of Power, this beautiful, hand-painted collectible will be a stunning addition to your home or office.

2023 GOLDEN EAGLES: Expand our outreach by equipping us to reach new generations digitally!*

With a monthly donation of $100 or a one-time gift of $1,200, we’ll send you our brand new 2023 porcelain eagle statue, a wooden base for display and an eagle throw blanket. Generously sized, this beautiful throw paying homage to the eagle is adorned with the inspirational verse from Isaiah 40:31: “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” Created by American wildlife artist Linda Pickens and made in the USA, this blanket will keep you warm as you reflect on the Word.

2023 PLATINUM EAGLES: Uphold us as we grow our online community and reach more domestic markets!* 

With a monthly donation of $200 or a one-time gift of $2,400, we’ll send you our brand new 2023 porcelain eagle statue, a wooden base for display, engraved plaque, eagle throw blanket and woven eagle tapestry pillow. This beautiful pillow adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. Featuring a majestic eagle taking off, durable stitching and vivid colors, it pairs nicely with the eagle throw and will make any space feel cozy. Toss this pillow on a sofa, bed, or chair, and change the mood of a room! The customized plaque affixes to the elegant wooden base which elevates the eagle. To honor your vital role in our ministry’s history, your plaque will be engraved with your partnership level.

DIAMOND EAGLES: Stand with us as we take the Gospel to new countries and continents!*

With a monthly donation of $400 or a one-time gift of $4,800, this pinnacle level includes the brand new 2023 porcelain eagle statue, a wooden base for display, engraved plaque, eagle throw blanket, woven eagle tapestry pillow, and the Creed of the Beloved serving tray. This classy, heirloom-quality, silver-colored aluminum Creed of the Beloved serving tray features the words of the Creed and will make a stunning addition to your home. Our hope is that this Wendell-August handcrafted, American-made gem will remind you that you are God’s beloved. It’s a wonderful reminder of the vital role you play in keeping Hour of Power soaring!

*These are just a few examples of what your monthly support will enable us to accomplish. Funds will be allocated where there is the greatest need and opportunity.


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Dimensions & Materials

Eagle statue is porcelain, hand-painted, and measures 9″ x 7.7″ x 11.1″., Wooden base stands at 6.5” in diameter x 1” H., The Eagle throw is made of cotton, measures 50” x 60” and is machine washable., The Eagle pillow is made of cotton and measures 17” x 17”, Plaque can be affixed to the top of the wooden base and is approximately 0.55” x 2.5” and has a non-tarnish finish., Platter measures 18” width x 12” height, is made of aluminum metal, hand-hammered and polished. Includes a Wendell-August signature card and weighs 1.8 lbs.

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