Hour of Power Canada


Nothing is Ordinary

June 13, 2021

Pastor Bobby welcomes author and pastor Tim Timberlake. Tim is the lead pastor of Celebration Church, which has locations in Jacksonville, Florida and Creedmore, North Carolina. Today, Tim brings the […]

In the Fullness of Time

June 6, 2021

Pastor Bobby reminds us that it’s never too late to create a new past. Your story is not finished yet! Your test will become your testimony, and you’ll become a […]

Shake It Off

Pastor Bobby welcomes author and speaker Christine Caine, who pours the message of purpose into millions of lives all over the world. She and her husband Nick also founded A21, […]

Daughter of Zion

Pastor Bobby teaches that Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is one of miracles and healing, with his message, “Daughter of Zion.” Laura Dickinson is a soloist from Southern California. Known for […]

Son of Man

Pastor Bobby teaches that we are agents of kindness and gentleness, and we need to respond to those around us with compassion, with his message, “Son of Man.” Daniel Fusco […]

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